Take a Look At This AWESOME 850HP GTR R35 in Monaco!

All of those who are following us on regular basis, know well that almost every time when we have a video clip with a car from the streets of Monaco, we are talking about some jaw-dropping Lamborghini supercar. That is why I have said numerous times that Monaco seems like the world capital of the Lamborghini, where we can see almost every model. But today we are going to show you another, different, but also awesome supercar, that is coming from the lineup of the legendary and well known Japanese sports car manufacturer, an 850hp GTR Nissan.

This gorgeous and extremely appealing Nissan GTR R35 with a glossy black paint job is a finalized by the French tuner Monstaka, and it is packing an engine that makes it a 850HP GTR, and for a better sound of it, the car is equipped with the HKS exhaust system. It is said that this GTR R35 is fast as hell, and we can listen by ourselves that it really produces very loud and amazing sound.

So, watch the following video and see its behavior on the well known streets of Monaco and enjoy in its loud and alluring exhaust sound. And if you want to see another black and extremely powerful Godzilla, go to this link.