This is definitely not a first time that we are showing you an appealing video clip with ultimate Nissan GTR examples in one place, gathering and showcasing their irresistible allure and ultimate beauty, power and speed. But most of the times, we have a homogeneous group of GTRs, mostly Nissan GTR R35s. That is why the beauty of this video is that there are many different models of Nissan GTR at one place, which is a really rare sight to see, and that is why I`m sure that it would be a real joy and pleasure for every GTR enthusiast.

This ultimate Nissan GTR gang is coming once again from Britain, just as many times before (I`m sure that many of you remember the Battalion30Five quite well). So it would not be a wrong for me to say that the British are really great GTR aficionados, and we are glad every time we have a chance to see them showcasing their great rides.

Here we have such a distinguished company of Nissan GTR R35 examples, and extremely appealing Nissan Skyline R33 specimens that will really give you the proper dose of adrenaline rush with their utter aesthetics, as well as accelerating and revving sounds.

So just watch the video and enjoy it. Afterwards, you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. And if you want to see another exciting GTR gathering, click here.