Check Out These Novitec Torado, Hamman Nervudo & DMC LP900!

We have said it numerous times before, and also (and most importantly) have shown you many different models of Lamborghini on the streets of Monaco. This small but very rich and eccentric principality at the Mediterranean coast is fulfilled with awesome hypercars that are taking a man`s breath only by looking at them. And when it comes to Lamborghini, I have already said that it would not be wrong if this place would become a world capital of Lamborghini models. It is almost as if there is not a model of a Lamborghini that has not be seen revving and accelerating on the tiny and curvy streets of Monaco. And today we are going to show you a great video compilation, in which you will see some of the most mesmerizing models of Lamborghini Aventador, that will knock you down from a very first glimpse at them. For many of these beauties that you will see it in the video below, like that gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador Hamman Nervudo, we have already written and shown you a clip from their `performance` on the streets of Monaco.

But nevertheless, I`m pretty much sure that you will enjoy watching them again, in this greatly edited video compilation, in which you will see them starting up, accelerating and revving like mad.

So just relax and enjoy this next 18 minutes of awesome Lambo action on the streets of Monaco with Novitec Torado, Hamman Nervudo and DMC LP900. Afterwards, you can sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below. And if you want to see the first pictures of the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador, check out this link.