Inside Nissan GTR NISMO with Its CPS, Mr. Hiroshi Tamura!

Here is something really cool for every Nissan GTR fan, especially for the ones who are in love with the fabulous NISMO version of the famous Japanese rocket-sleds. It is a video clip in which you are going to get acquainted with the personal history and the way of creative thinking of Mr. Hiroshi Tamura, Nissan GTR NISMO Chief Product Specialist, during his visit at last year`s SEMA show.

Just as in many other examples from different areas and fields, Tamura`s work on the GTR began with his childhood fascination with these great sports cars, when he set himself a goal to work for this company one day. The period when he joined the company was when the Skyline GTR R32 model was launched, and as a true GTR aficionado, he bought one for himself. During his experience in the Nissan, he was involved in the work on R32, R33, R34 models, and eventually on the latest Nissan GTR R35 concept.

As he explains, for the GTR, the y-axis is GT and the x-axis is R, running between the Gran Turismo and Racing, making it a super sports car that has always been the “pursuit of ultimate driving pleasure”, which is not only fast, but also fun to drive. The excitement is one of the top goals that this company wants to bring closer to the American customers, along with discovering new ways for the driver to enjoy the ride even more.

If you want to find out more about Hiroshi Tamura`s GTR philosophy, for instance, what does he think about tuning your Nissan GTR, watch the whole video and expand your overall knowledge on the subject. Also, if you want to read about the first driving impressions of the new Nissan GTR NISMO, click here.