The New Nissan GTR 2015 Is Ready For The STREETS!

Since its release in 2007, every year the new GT-R model is about addition, rather than change and we are more than happy for that fact. Say hello to the new Nissan GTR 2015 which will leave you jaw-dropped. With a focus on the horizontal axis of the GTR experience, the new beast fulfills the racing needs like never before.

However, the new Nissan GTR 2015 will surely appeal to an even larger audience, as it is perfect for cruising, city driving and travelling. In comparison, for the 2014 model, the company worked diligently to further stabilize the vehicle`s vertical motion. At the same time, they focused on increasing car`s stability without sacrificing the GT-R`s speed. And then, the need for the so called “yaw” has came and the company decided to further work on GTR`s horizontal motion. That result is implemented in the perfect 2015 model.

Moreover, this monster has an enhanced performance of the suspension and tires, as well as updated drivetrain that improved the vehicle`s traction.

Enough said? If the answer is no, then you should visit the official page of the company where you can find more information about the 2015 model.

Enjoy the video below!

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