Meet The Guy Who Bought the FIRST NISSAN GTR NISMO in Britain!

Once you got the GTR in your blood, it is forever GTR! This is how the owner of the first Nissan GTR Nismo in the UK describes his feelings and attitude towards the legendary Japanese rocket-sleds, when his friend were asking him why is he buying a Nissan GTR again (which is his third GTR). “Nothing like this”, says Nick Coombes, the lucky new owner of the gorgeous GTR Nismo.

And what else can a man, who is completely in love and devoted to these awesome cars, say? He just got a 600 HP monster, the fastest GTR model, money can buy (only 1 out of 24 that will be seen on the UK roads), and he is going for a track session, accompanied by the British GTR Nismo pro-driver, Jann Mardenborough (he is a guy who will be racing with a Nissan GTR Nismo at 2015 24 Hour of Le Mans).

Nick had to pay over $180 000 for this pleasure, but now he has one of the most legendary GTRs in the world, created and developed by the best team of engineers for racing circuits worldwide. And, it is the first Nissan GTR Nismo in Britain! Win win!

Just watch the video below and see his reaction and impressions after getting it and later on, testing it on the track. An amazing experience! And if you want to read more about the new 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo, go to this link.