GTR Nismo Win at The Bathurst 12 Hour Race of Australia!

Here is something that will put a big smile on the face of every Nissan GTR aficionado out there, as you are about to see one of the finest and most glorious moments in the recent GTR race history. What we have here is a video clip from the final moments of the Bathurst 12 Hour Race in Bathurst, Australia, in which the awesome Nissan GTR Nismo, driven by the Katsumasa Chiyo outran his opponents in a spectacular and very attractive way, making two passes within a period of half a minute, leaving the Aston Martin and the Audi way behind.

This really is one of those rare moments which every GTR fan will remember for a long time, because this is one of the most exhausting races, consisted of 269 laps and over 1 038 miles of hardcore racing and high dose of adrenaline rush and utter suspense. There were a lot of trouble and interesting moments during the entire race, but of course, the best was saved for the last. That is why we have decided to go with this great video, which I think will be a bulls-eye for every Nissan GTR enthusiast, especially the ones who love the Nissan GTR Nismo, probably the most powerful and fastest model of the GTR.

The final epilogue is that there were 7 different manufacturers in the top seven, with the legendary GTR at the very top of it. So without me having to spoil it to you, watch the video and feel the rush of this great and exciting Bathurst 12 Hour race. If you want to find out more about the entire race, check out this link.