Sidecarcross Is The Craziest Motorsport Competition! These Guys Are Going Head-To-Head Over Jumps At Immense Speed!

Fast, exciting and sophisticated. That`s the unique spectacle of Sidecarcross racing! It`s the strange concept of racing on three wheels. Imagine going around with a dirt bike over corners, jumps moguls and whoops. Now, imagine doing all of that while your friend tries to hang on. That`s this racing competition for you. A job for exceptionally well prepared individuals. Both physically and psychologically. We are wondering though, what does it take to be a passenger in these whacky sidecars? You need to have huge confidence in the one that`s driving you, that`s for sure. The passenger also has to be very physically prepared.

There are a couple of Sidecarcross manufacturers. Some of them are EML and VMC. They are building specially designed chassis. The engine, plastics, wheels and some other components are from common motocross bikes. For example, these components are used from a Kawasaki KX500, Honda CR500 and large KTM`s. There are also specially designed 2-stroke monster-size engines such as the 700cc Zabel and MTH 630. So as you can see, these guys have some very powerful machinery at their disposal. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Is this the most demanding Motorsport competition, or what?

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