This “Rolls-Royce” Sprinter RV Is LAVISHLY Designed! I Want One!

Did you know that Tyrese Gibson has a knowledge in designing vehicles besides acting and singing? Well, if you didn`t, now you do! And he decided to surprise his “most influential big brother” by creating a special RV for him as well. Tyrese`s Ghost Sprinter RV was designed with the help of the Van Masters. In fact, Tyrese`s RV was the only one in the world until he designed Vin`s RV. He wanted to create something special and he took the things in his hands. After finishing his RV, he made one for his friend Vin too.

The video you are about to see shows how Tyrese thanks Vin for being part of his life, by surprising him with a specially “Rolls-Royce”designed Sprinter. So, he drove to Mr. Diesel`s home to give him his birthday present. Although Tyrese Gibson said that Vin Diesel has no idea what is going on, we personally didn`t get that impression, but we wouldn`t go too deep into that. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Vin Diesel likes his new ride. As a matter of fact, who doesn`t? Now, Vin won`t have to ask for Tyrese`s Sprinter RV, he has one on his own!

Plus, click here to get inside Tyrese Gibson`s Rolls-Royce Van! Is this the most luxurious load lugger ever made?