Kawasaki H2 Ninja Makes A Short Work Out Of A State Trooper! Insane Soundtrack & Power!

Street bikes, Superbikes, Crotch Rockets, or whatever you wish to call them, are progressing to being more faster than any supercar out there! All of us have seen videos lately of how 1000 cc motorbikes are destroying Ferraris and Lambos on drag tracks and even on road tracks! What`s new from the superbike world? Well, the leader at the moment which is the Kawasaki H2 Ninja is fitted with a supercharger on the latest model! That makes the H2 delivering 200HP while weighing only 290 lbs! That is insane power-to-weight ratio! You will all be able to feel the H2`s power in the footage below!

What you are about to see is a police vehicle pursuing the aforementioned Kawasaki H2 Ninja! As you can guess, the state trooper never had a chance! The Kawasaki was probably speeding at around 100 mph when the police Cruiser decided to pursue the motorbike! However, the H2 ended the pursuit before it even began! The Kawasaki rider immediately rolled into the throttle and pulled away faster than the eye can blink! Leaving the state trooper nowhere to be seen! We got to mention though, we don`t encourage running from the police and riding so insanely fast on a public highway!

At last, click here to watch the Kawasaki H2R Hyperbike owner who set a world record on a closed bridge. 249 miles per hour in 26 seconds!