7,000HP Total! World’s Greatest Drag Racing Competition 6! 11 Cars With One Surprise Contender!

Ladies And Gentlemen, it`s time for something extraordinary in the gearhead world, which is the sixth instalment of Motor Trend`s the World`s Greatest Drag Race! They already named the Best Driver`s Car. However, you don`t exactly know which one of these is the fastest on a quarter mile. That`s why they stage this awesome multi-car drag racing competition every year. It is mostly for science, but they don`t fail to shatter the internet as well. The video starts off with Motor Trend`s Jonny Lieberman. He starts off by presenting all the beasty cars participating in this glorious show-down.

Lieberman also states the car he thinks has the biggest chance of winning, which according to him is the Acura NSX 2017. This monstrous car is a 4WD fitted with a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 and three electric motors that`s delivering a combined 573HP and 476 pound-foot of torque power. However, take a look at this one. The Audi R8, which is actually the fastest naturally aspirated car Motor Trend has ever tested. This one boasts AWD and it is fitted with a 602HP, 413 pound-feet torque power, 5.2L V10 just for motivation. You think one of these two cars will be the victor? Check out the drag racing competition in the video below and find out!

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