How Insane Is This?! A Monstrous Drag Three Wheeler Goes From 0 to 100 In An Instant! Just WOW!

When it comes to drag racing down south, people do things entirely different! A person can just bask upon their awesome machineries destined to execute the drag track! Whether it`s four wheelers, three wheelers or two-wheelers, they sure have their own special ways on designing mad racing creations! Creations that will put every gearhead in an ecstatic state of mind! That`s exactly what we can see here! It`s one extreme drag three wheeler creation that with its almost supersonic speed is bound to leave you in awe! When you`ll see the drag three wheeler`s chassis with its every detail on it, you`ll know that this bike is bound to do something amazing. You may definitely expect that and know that you won`t be disappointed one iota!

At first, we can see its rotary engine revving and beginning to unleash its amazing power! As the video progresses, it slowly enters in a revving frenzy! That`s when the anticipation to see this beasty drag three wheeler in action is higher than ever! At the end of the video, the beasty drag three wheeler finally shows its staggering power! The fact that this is a muddy drag track, adds to the three wheeler`s superiority! With its deadly acceleration it reaches 100 mph in no time, mud flying everywhere in the process! Enjoy the video!

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