Most Awesome Mega Mud Trucks in the World Drag Races!

We had come up with this great video of  Mega Mud Trucks with insanely tuned up pickup trucks, battling each other at the West Ga Mud Park. So if you are a big-time fan of these `dirty drag races`, then this video is exactly what you are looking for.

All of these trucks are fast and furious and it would be hard to pick a favorite one, if you do not already have one, but regardless, even if you are not that much deep into mud drag races, you have got to admit that this type of drag challenges are pure adrenalin rush and can not leave anyone indifferent.

If you watch it carefully, you will notice that one of the silver trucks resembles a lot like the one Denis Anderson use to drive it, but now inside the cabin is Shawn P, who is also doing a serious job with it.

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Enjoy the video below!


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