HONDA CIVIC VS MUSTANG 5.0! 4-Cylinder Import Power!

I think that anyone who considers himself a car connoisseur, should know well that when it comes to the Honda Civic, we are talking about a Japanese car that no one should be messing with! Especially if you are following us on a regular basis, you can probably remember on numerous video clips in which we had seen the power and speed of the Honda Civic. There were many cases, when the Civic was outmuscling many famous Muscle car with a powerful V8 engine under the hood. This is an outstanding HONDA CIVIC VS MUSTANG drag race!

On the other hand, all of you who are hardcore Ford Mustang aficionados, are not going to digest the following clip easily, because in all fairness, none of us are used to seeing a `Stang losing a drag battle, especially by an opponent like the Honda Civic, powered by the 4-cylinder motor.

Unfortunately, we do not have the engine specs (or anything else, for that matter) neither about that great Turbo CTR Civic Hatch, nor for the Mustang, so we are not going to get into any kind of speculations about them, but we`ll just let you watch the video below and see how everything went yourself! What a HONDA CIVIC VS MUSTANG drag race!

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