Next Generation Honda Civic 2016 Is Here And Plans On Staying!

Although the previous models were labeled as less innovative in terms of powertrains in comparison with its competitors, the Civic managed to sell hundreds of thousands vehicles all over the world. This Honda Civic 2016 has a brand new underhood that makes the engineers of the Japanese carmaker especially proud.

New 2016 Honda Civic Two Engine Types 1

New 2016 Honda Civic Two Engine Types 10

This Civic comes with two motor types. First is the 1.5 liter I4 amplified with turbo and the second one is a 2.0 liter without turbo. The one you are seeing is the turbocharged vehicle and it is delivering 174 horsepower as well as 162 ft-lb of torque. Also, the maximum number of horsepower kicks at around 5500 RPM.

Anyway, you might want to check out the review on this vehicle!

New 2016 Honda Civic Two Engine Types 9