HELP ME PICK MY DRIFT CAR! Journey Of Building A Great Drift Ride!

Hello my dear muscle car aficionados and drift enthusiasts! If you are one of those who are following the on a pretty regular basis, then you know quite well that we love showing you different projects by creative people who have intriguing ideas. Thus, today we have prepared for you one really interesting and exciting video by ChrisFix, -- Help me Pick My Drift Car -- that caught our attention from the very first moment we have found out what is all about.

Well, the main thing about it is pretty much clear just by reading the title. The man had set himself to build his own drift car, but unlike most of the other similar projects we see, Chris wants to get his fans and Internet followers involved in the building process of his drift ride. The main thing is to help him choose the right car by following these requirements: to be RWD (rear wheel drive), and the price mustn`t exceed $4 000. And if you ask us, that is a pretty decent challenge!

So, for the Help me  Pick My Drift Car journey, Chris visits some interesting places and listens to a few interesting opinions and advices, and finally gets down to a several different options: a Mazda RX7, Mazda RX8, Ford Mustang GT, Chrysler Crossfire, and a Chevy Corvette! As a second choice he purposes a Nissan 180 SX, BMW, Nissan 350Z and another `Stang.

Of course, given the nature of the video and taking into an account that it was meant to be interactive with its viewers, we don`t get to see the final result. But that doesn`t mean that the clip won`t give you the right amount of fun.

So have a look at it and see all of this with your own eyes. And if you are interested in learning more about which are the best rides that could be turned into hardcore Drifters, click here.