I surely hope that there are many amongst you who will agree with me that there is something special in the classic cars that were made several decades ago. Something that makes us all look at them with great respect and awe, and some kind of a special admiration, which is (at least) different from the one that we feel when we are gazing at the modern beasts. I often have a habit to say that in those years, the designers used to build people`s dreams, not juts their cars. Of course, this does not mean that there are no great cars in the modern production, but just that the oldies are blessed with special kind of charm. Such is this vintage Chevy Corvette.

So, in a case that you are feeling about this subject the same as me, then you are truly going to enjoy the following three-minute video clip, that is featuring one jaw-dropping vintage Chevy Corvette with a perfect red paint job. Unfortunately, the author of the video did not provide us with any information about this awesome `Vette, neither for the engine specs, nor about the year model. I`m guessing that the boy was too impressed by the car, he forgot about it completely.

And as you know it well, in these types of cases, we do not want to speculate anything about it, so we will just leave you to watch the video below and to feast your eyes with this timeless beauty. Also, if you want to read a great article about the ten best Corvettes of all time, go to this link.