Even though we all (or at least most of us) know well that it is what is hiding under the hood, is what really matters in a car, it is an inevitable fact that more often than not, even the big time Detroit muscle aficionados are becoming speechless from the car`s appearance. It is simply in the human nature to like and to become interested in the things that are leaving a mighty impression to the eye, like this 72 CHEVY NOVA per se. Which is why we have the aesthetics, and why we sometimes get carried away with things that are not essential…

However, just as above mentioned, when it comes to the true and the most hardcore American muscle car lovers, beasts like this flat black Chevy Nova that you are going to see in the video below, is the real thing!

It is a muscle beast that definitely does not want to make any excuses about its semi-ratty looks, nor actually needs to. This frightening 72 Chevy Nova Napalm that belongs to the Hoonigan`s member, `Brian Scotto` was made with one single vision: to destroy tires!

It is powered by a Big Block Chevy motor, it rolls on black 15″ steelies that are wrapped in Hankook Ventus H101 tires for all seasons, and it goes without saying that it can do a lot of damage, wherever it appears!

But for now, just have a look at the following video from this year`s SEMA show, and made the initial inspection about this beast. And if you want to find out much more about it, go to this link.