VALYRIAN STEEL Powered By 5.0 Mustang Coyote Engine!

Every time we find automotive content closely related to video games, movies, TV series, we immediately want to share it with you. As you have seen so far, we have presented you many videos with vehicles and situations in Grand Theft Auto, Need For Speed, not to mention the Fast and Furious franchise et cetera. However, the vehicle you are about to see has been inspired by one particularly popular TV show, in which there are no vehicles at all! It is a word of the mega popular Game Of Thrones TV show and the vehicle inspired by that show is named Valyrian Steel Mustang Coyote engine.

This 29 feet long stainless steel vehicle has been created in Playaworks` shop and what truly attracted everyone`s attention towards this vehicle during the 2015 SEMA Motor Show was the kinetic sculpture mounted on top of the vehicle. This structure has been inspired by a watch winding mechanism, according to Chris Orenus from Playaworks. In addition, the Valyrian Steel is set in motion by a 5.0 liter Mustang Coyote engine, but unfortunately there are no details regarding the power. Hope that Game of Thrones fans will find this vehicle amusing and will share thoughts with us!

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