Ken Block’s Mustang HOONICORN & Mad Mike’s RX7!

Having an idol as a guide for your personal goals is one way to succeed in life. For many people, an idol is also a life inspiration. However, quite often due to many divergent reasons, individuals are not able to achieve, or even follow the steps of their idols. This can sometimes be very disappointing. But those who don`t give up always find a way to move on by using various methods. We assume that GTAWiseGuy (the guy that created the following video) is a fan of Ken Block, Mad Mike as well as GTA 5 and he particularly liked the footage where Ken Block drifts the Mustang Hoonicorn on the streets of LA.

Furthermore, we suppose that he doesn`t have the chance to do exactly the same in real life, but he can drift while playing his favorite video game! Therefore, he decided to combine his passion of drifting and gaming in one video! The result is truly splendid! GTAWiseGuy has certainly put a lot of effort to make this video resemble the real one as much as possible! It has very similarities with the original video but also some differences that make it even more exciting! Check out this Mustang Hoonicorn and Rx7 video!

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