KEN BLOCK DRIFT Once Again In His 845HP Mustang!

The Drifting Hero is here again with his favorite car, or as he says, the best car he has ever driven – Hoonicorn 845hp Mustang! Now, we have seen all sorts of stuff performed by Ken Block drift hero here, we believe all Gymkhana videos were posted, so it is now time to see what Ken has to SAY about all this! Yes, he will be asked multiple question before he enters his ride, and we must say that the interview went great!

Anyway, Ken explains that he is not a classical drifter, but an all-wheel drive drifter, since the regular ones are just rear-wheel drifters! He gives us a brief story of the history of drifting, all the important names and people that influenced can such as Colin McRae, Tommi Makinen and so on! He explains to the regular spectators such as we are, the art of drifting, the emotion he puts in when he “plays” with the car etc.! After a while, we will finally get a closer look to the outside and inside of the famous HOONICORN! Check out this Ken Block drift and find out how come he is the real and ultimate KING OF DRIFTING!

For more information related to Ken Block and his Hoonicorn adventures, follow this link!