One of the things that can happen during the drag races, that are raising the pulse of the audience and give everybody a strong shot of adrenaline rush right from the very start, is when one of the cars is having an explosive launch and does a crazy wheelie stand! It is one hell of an attractive sight, probably like no other, that showcases the big power which the Big Block CAMARO is boasting under the hood!

However, even though it is extremely attractive and appealing for everyone, doing a wheelie during a drag battle does have its disadvantage. And that is the precious seconds that can be lost, or better said, added to the final result. And in case the other car`s driver is having some problems controlling the car and cannot keep a straight line, like in the case in the video below, if the distance between the cars is tight, it could lead to serious problems!

But fortunately, the video clip that we have prepared today is showing us only the good and attractive side of the wheelie stand during a drag race, leaving only stunned faces, and nothing bad! The main star of this wheelie performance is the ricer Gup in his powerful 1969 Chevy Camaro, that also has a nitrous outlet hiding under the hood, which gives the Big Block Camaro additional power, demonstrated through that crazy wheelie!

So check out the video below and see what I`m talking about! And if you want to see another crazy wheelie launch during a drag race, go to this link.