Daddy Dave CHEVY NOVA aka GOLIATH 2.0, At The 2015 PRI SHOW!

I believe that it won`t be wrong of me to say that pretty much every Gearhead has an image of his own dream-car, which he would love to have, and possibly even build it himself. But, unlike most of us, who are just thinking and dreaming about it, there are guys who are working on it, and converting their dream into the reality. Such is the case with Daddy Dave and his awesome and super clean Chevy Nova, aka Goliath 2.0, that was unveiled at this year`s PRI Show, and that you are going to see in the following video…

I would also dare to say that this is one of those vintage Detroit muscles that cannot leave any American muscle car aficionado remain indifferent and not to be totally speechless when he sees it. The only bad thing about the Chevrolet Nova, also known as “Goliath”, is that it did not last very long. The reason for that was because Daddy Dave had experienced an unfortunate event with it, which made the Chevy Nova Goliath 2.0 roll over (more than once) and rendering it quite useless.

The good thing was that Dave was just fine, and pretty soon afterwards, he purchased another Chevy Nova, and he built it pretty much the same as the one that was crashed in the incident. And according to the info that we`ve got, now, the Goliath 2.0, is actually made even safer than its predecessor.

To put it another way, what we have here is the new Chevrolet Nova, aka “Goliath 2.0”, so have a look at the footage below and see how this beauty looks like. And if you want to find out some more interesting details about it, go to this link.