Wonder How A FORGED PISTON Is Made? Find Out Here!

Here`s another documentary type of video for all of you curious fellas out there! We have had a lot of videos similar to this one for you where we`ve learnt a lot of stuff, this time you will see how a forged piston is made! So, if you are all ready, we can start. Good! First of all, aluminum is perfect for this job due to its lightweight and rust resistance as well as the easiness to cut it!

A rotary source slices the rod into slugs, the length of which can be changed by adjusting the feeder machine to push the rod at different intervals!

The piston from the video requires 7 centimeter slugs! The factory recycles access aluminum shavings. In order to complete this action you need a preheated oven to 800 degrees Fahrenheit! That is the temperature required to forge the slugs! Incredible 2 tons are used by the punch in order to form the desired shape! Checking for defects is done by putting the freshly forged piston into water!

That`s probably enough details for an intro text, we would not like to ruin the video for you! Check it out!

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