The Italian company Brembo is probably the best current car brakes manufacturer in the world. Their products are an inevitable component of almost every high-speed vehicle. Without a doubt, such vehicles are the Formula 1 bolids. The F1 championship utilizes the services of Brembo for many years, and to justify the confidence, the Italian firm is continuously working on improving their products. The video below presents a fragment of testing the F1 carbon brakes in the Brembo factory.

These brakes are placed on a dynamic bench, which is also used to test their aerodynamic attributes. Furthermore, you can see the disc accelerating to high speeds and then a complete brake pressure is applied to it. After this it accelerates again and the procedure is repeated. Notice how quickly this disc heats up and cools down. That`s definitely one distinguishable trait of the Brembo brakes.

Nevertheless, this way of testing the brakes is conducted due to the fact that during a race that requires a lot of braking, the drivers use the brakes for nearly 1500 times! During this process the bolid should be brought from 170 mph per se, to almost 20!

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