Clean The Carbon From The Pistons Using SEAFOAM Treatment!

SeaFoam treatment is widely used for various purposes, but we believe that this might be the first time it is used for something like this! So what is it used for exactly? Well, the guy who created this video is going to spray whole bottle of Sea Foam in the engine in order to see if it is going to remove any carbon deposits from the pistons. You will have to watch the video till the very end in order to find out what is going to happen and give your own judgement on the results.

First, he starts with recording the pistons with a borescope camera. This will later serve as a before the test evidence. After that he begins with the procedure. He thoroughly explains what, how and when should things be done. He attaches the SeaFoam treatment nozzle before the throttle body and then ignites the engine holding it at 1500 RPM. Five minutes later, when the bottle is empty he shuts the engine down, leaves it to cool down a bit and starts it again to let the smoke out. After an aggressive ride he puts the borescope camera again into the cylinders. What`s your opinion about this?

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