Drift Documentary Eps 1 “Controlled Chaos”! Fantastic video!

Check out this A Drift Documentary Eps 1 “Controlled Chaos”! Fantastic video!¬†We got hyped for Formula Drift! Can wait to watch the episode 2!

If you have not heard of this documentary and you love drifting, we would like to recommend it to you! It is called CONTROLLED CHAOS, and right here, we give you Episode number 1! The title speaks for itself so the content is pretty obvious -- How To Become A Pro Drift Driver?! Many of today`s popular drifters such as Justin Pawlak, Daijiro Yoshihara as well as Darren McNamara have asked themselves the same question! In this episode you will see their roots and you will manage to see the EVOLUTION OF DRIFTING through the past 10 years! Get, set, go!!!

Finally, these are some amazing drift scenes here!

Enjoy the video below!

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