Hello my dear American muscle car aficionados! Today we are going to show you something that will surely raise the interest amongst those of you who truly love and enjoy watching those highly customized Detroit muscles, distorted to a point that makes them look like a completely different car, compared with the original, stock morel. As you could have read in the title, you are about to see one interesting model of 1974 Chevy Nova Diesel SS, but a custom-made variant which could be described as much closer to a monster truck than to a classic custom-made Chevy Nova muscle!

Thus, the first thing that gets into the eye of this positively crazy car is its appearance. It has a big, customized suspension, mated to also huge rims, shoed in double wheels on the rear. It is painted with an appealing and attractive red hue, which, if you ask me, is a real bulls-eye for this big and attractive 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS, turned into a diesel and running on a Dodge 3500 Dually. So in this case I have to agree with Scottie D, that this variant of `74 Chevy Nova Diesel is probably a dream vehicle for every redneck!

We do not have the exact info about the horse and torque power of that V8 engine under the hood, but as a compensation for this mild weakness, you`ll get to see some pretty good shots of the entire vehicle, under the hood, the interior, and so on. So just check out the footage below and enjoy its content!

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