Hello my dear fellow big time muscle aficionados! Today we have prepared you one really appealing and educational video clip about a classic Detroit muscle, an essential part of the history of American muscle cars, Dodge Dart classic. In the following ten minutes, Mike Musto will take us on a ride through the history of this awesome vintage Detroit muscle, and tells us a few things which every muscle car enthusiast should know about Dodge Dart.

The way Mike says, Dodge Dart classic is one of those cars that have a big impact on the person who is driving it. Like, you can be some small or average looking guy who does not stand out in the crowd in any way, but once you get into this ominous looking classic muscle, you immediately become big and tough.

And of the funny, and even ironic things about the Dodge Dart classic is that when it first came out on the market, it was not introduced as a performance car, but a simple family car, something that your aunt, or even your grandma would buy. They were packing several different motors, like 318, 340 and 360, and they were looked as a simple transportation vehicle, with affordable price.

The example that we are going to see in this video belongs to Geoff Gates from Alloy Motors in Oakland, California, who decided not to change it a lot, but keep it simple and traditional. It has a small block 360 under the hood, with J heads on it, 727 transmission…in other words, there is nothing crazy about this car, that is producing about 300 HP. But still, it is one of those classic Detroit muscles which should not be overlooked.

So I suggest you watch this video and get acquainted with this cool black Dodge Dart, and learn some things about it that you may did not know. And if you want to make a comparison with this classic Dart and the new models, go to this link and find out something about the new Dodge Dart.