700+HP NISSAN 350Z SLEEPER Is Not The Loser Type!

There are people who spend time and money for their cars` exteriors BEFORE they even upgrade the underhood. We do not imply that the exterior is not important, but we believe that there has to be an order. The outer look attracts attention, we totally agree with this, yet the machine below the bonnet is what really counts. Seems like the owner of the main star, a Nissan 350Z sleeper have read our minds when upgrading his vehicle. Started from where he is supposed to, the power plant. As a matter of fact, there are not many modifications regarding the underhood as well!

This Nissan 350Z sleeper is set in motion by its stock engine – a VQ35! It is “only” amplified by GTX30 twin-turbo system. In addition to this, the proverb “Don`t judge the book by its cover” probably describes this vehicle in the best possible way! Furthermore, this video contains numerous races with various vehicles. There are also several races with three vehicles at a time! Some of them are: Dodge Hellcat Challenger, 575 horsepower Acura Integra Type R turbo boosted, 700 horsepower Toyota Supra and others! Really exciting video!

At the end, click here to watch another sleeper -- Nissan R34 Skyline going wild on the illegal street races.