Two Young & Talented DRIFTERS In Give Us The Nissan 350Z Drift!

Although you can drift in any above average car, drifting in a Japanese vehicle is a real honor. Simply because you drift in a car that was made in the country who invented the drifting itself! And if you take a look from a gearhead perspective, it turns out that Japanese carmakers build their automobiles to be suitable for drifting! The art of drifting is a global sensation nowadays, which undoubtedly requires a great deal of knowledge and skills as well. These two drivers in the video below show that they possess both as they demonstrate this Nissan 350Z drift!

This Nissan 350Z drift session was shot in the city of São Vicente, near São Paulo, Brazil. Clearly, there are talents who are ready to show the world what they are capable of. Anyway, these two Nissans 350Z have been finely tuned for the purpose of this video. Sadly, we do not have any information regarding what beneath the bonnet, but all that can be put aside when you see them in action! Both drivers show us how a simultaneous drifting is supposed to be done, though one of them had only 16 when the video was made! We would appreciate if some of you understands Portuguese and tell us what they said at the end!

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