DRIFTING Performance By The One And Only Nissan GT-R R35!

There are many things that can out a smile on a gearhead`s face. One of them is definitely a good drift. Especially when it is performed with the favorite vehicle of yours. Watching that amazing drift will for sure make you feel satisfied. Nevertheless, as much as the car itself is important for the drift, the key role belongs to the driver. There won`t be a drift without the proper driving skills. Don`t you think? We are not saying that if a driver is skilled enough can give a drifting performance with a wagon. At the end, it all comes to the fact that if we want to see a quality drift we need both skilled driver and a car made to endure the pressure.

OK, this would be it for today`s “lesson” so let`s focus now on the video you are about to see. It will certainly make your day. Before you press play, you are obliged to increase the volume of your sound devices to best experience this drifting performance. It may be a short but exactly the thing you need. Watch this AMAZING Nissan GT-R R35 passing by the camera with an extraordinary drift, producing unprecedented amounts of smoke!

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