I`m sure that most of you will agree with me when I say that we would not give up on our loving machines, and our love for the powerful and fast Detroit muscles, and ultimate hypercars like the Lamborghini and Ferrari, and all the other gas and diesel swallowing monsters that keep on polluting the atmosphere, for anything else in the world! However, bicycles are one of the things for which we all (or most of us) have a huge respect, because they are the basics of everything of the above mentioned. After all, we have also all started riding bikes first, right? Maybe we did not finish with the bike Parkour San Francisco, but still…

And exactly because we have a big respect for bikes, and especially bikers with mad skills, today we have decided to show you the following video clip. As the title says loud and clear, what we have here is a group of extreme bikers who are demonstrating their ultimate riding skills at the place they call Bike ParkourĀ San Francisco.

It is one of those videos for which every comment is superfluous, so you better just check out the clip below and enjoy their ultimate display of mad driving skills! And if you really like it and want more extreme biking, go to this link.