Make Place For Yet Another Splendid General Lee Drift!

Roundabouts make traffic go lot smoother with no need of stopping. That`s why it is good to have them wherever is possible. Au contraire, they appear to be very handy when a petrolhead is about to get in that magic circle in a very special way. And the rain in that particular moment comes completely as a bonus! Without further ado, let`s get to the point. This General Lee Drift video is one of those which won`t let you go away watching it only once.

Its content will definitely cause a grin on your face. Especially when you find out that GENERAL LEE is the main actor in this footage! He decides to make the most out of the given situation. He saw the combination of rain and roundabout like nobody else! Every other car is driving slowly, but that is not General Lee`s temper! While you are watching the others driving by the camera, you can see the General Lee drift overtaking them! He does that so perfectly, leaving no room for error! Also, there are a lot of parked cars which are making this endeavor even more difficult to accomplish! Enjoy!

Have you seen General Lee drifting at a full throttle?! Follow this link and don`t miss that outstanding action!