Check Out James Carroll’s Hilarious SPECIAL DRIFT BUGGY!

I believe that many of you will agree with me when I say that even though there is no question that the professional drift cars are the real deal, there is some kind of a special allure and beauty of the homemade custom vehicles, which are nothing or just a little bit alike the above mentioned pro-drift monsters. Today we are going to show you one custom made drift buggy that I think most of you are going to like a lot!

According to the video info, this is James Carroll`s second buggy that he personally made, and it really looks like something that was imagined from the beginning like a vehicle for ultimate fun. It uses quick rack steering and hydraulic handbrake, it is also equipped with racing steering wheel and seat, along with digital speed and rev clock, and it can hit from 0 to 60 in only 4 seconds. Its maximum speed is 120 mph, so I think that you get the picture that this particular drift buggy is not made just for fun, but it is really fast and it can be used for racing!

However, the following video shows us how great it is for drift-driving and doing donuts, on that wet and slippery surface. So check it out and see what I`m talking about!

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