Mercedes W123 Wagon With A Terrifying Pagani Underhood!

When you pronounce the word MERCEDES to a European person, regardless the nationality, he/she will immediately have a positive opinion for you. Because there is not any other brand with such history, quality and endurance that is available for every social class. Owning a Mercedes W123 Wagon means something more than just owning a transportation vehicle. It means that you own an automobile which is a class for itself!

Today`s story features a Mercedes model that first appeared nearly 40 years ago! It is the Mercedes W123 Wagon, which was originally set in motion by a 2.8 liter M110 straight-six motor. But not anymore. His owner decided to upgrade it “a little bit”. The owner didn`t just mount turbos or superchargers. Instead, he replaced the whole machine with another Mercedes engine, which isn`t easy task at all, particularly in this case. It is word of the 7.3 liter AMG M120 V12 engine! To be clearer, some Zonda vehicles produced by Pagani have the same engine! This huge machine is able to deliver 558 horsepower as well as 531 pound-feet of torque! In addition, an automatic transmission originally placed in a Mercedes S73 W140 was mounted as well. Prepare to be astonished!

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