1650 HP MAZDA RX7 Engine – A Sleeper That Destroys Bigger Rivals!

Taking into an account all of the previous experiences with these types of videos, I will give myself the liberty of saying that here we have another one of those clips, in which most of us enjoy quite much, when we have some totally unsuspecting car that smokes up much bigger opponents. Or as we call them, the ultimate sleepers that are catching us by a surprise and leave us with our jaw on the floor. The Rx7 engine producing 1650Hp has something to do with all this!

As you could have read in the title, the car that you are going to see in the following video is one very powerful example of Mazda RX7, which if you see it parked somewhere, you probably would not pay much of an attention to it. But once you see this RX7 engine in action, it is a whole different ballgame!

I mean, all of you who are following us on a regular basis can probably remember on numerous and various clips, in which we have had the opportunity to see some old or pretty casual looking rides, that literally destroys some ominous looking Detroit muscles, or other fancy imports, right?

And even though we won`t see this Mazda RX7 battling other powerful rides, I believe that just from watching it in action alone, it is clear that this is a ride that can do a lot of damage. Powered by a motor that can deliver astonishing 1 650 HP, mated to many other customized components, it is one hell of a fast car. So check out the video below and have fun watching it.

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