Fast & Furious 7 1969 OFF ROAD CHARGER At SEMA 2015!

I think that it definitely would not be a wrong thing if I say that the car from Fast & Furious 7 that has given the biggest adrenaline rush to all of the Mopar fans, was Vin Diesel`s 1969 Off Road Charger. It is definitely one of those custom rides that made us look at it with our mouths open, and talk about it after the movie was finished. With its hardcore and raw appearance, the powerful roll cage, huge rims and big off-road tires, military style, and all the other things specially created for this Mopar beast, it is impossible to forget about it.

So it really is not that big of a surprise to see this unique Charger at this year`s SEMA Show. The number of people who wanted to see the Off Road Charger was big. Those of you who are following us on a regular basis, know well that we had already shown you and wrote about it. So on this occasion, we will only mention that this ominous looking beast is powered by a 500 cubic inch V8 HEMI engine, mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission, boosting about 400 HP.

The following video is from a Brazilian TV Crew present at the 2015 SEMA, so do not expect to understand much of it. But I think that this `small detail` would not bother you to enjoy the visual effect of the one and only 1969 Off-Road Dodge Charger. And in case you want to find out something more about this beastly car, click here.