Wide Body, WHITE TWO DOOR DODGE CHARGER Will Take Your Breath Away! I Want It!

Every car is special in its own unique way. There will always be people who will agree and disagree with this statement. Also, it is all a matter of taste. Actually, it won`t be interesting, there won`t be what to talk about if everybody like the same thing in the same way. Therefore now, you are about to see a video that created a lot of noise with its appearance. There are plenty of comments regarding the look of this automobile. It is a word of a pretty good-looking two door, white DODGE CHARGER with a wide body kit! It looks really good on the first sight. However, here comes the part that made all the fuss. It`s about the rims. Greater number of people think they basically stink. What`s your point of view on this? If you ask us, this two door Dodge Charger looks stunning overall! However, this is only our opinion.

Anyways, there is also a positive side of this car which made us present it to you in the first place. We are talking about this car`s ability to transform itself from a normal height vehicle into a low rider! Everything you see is a work of art of Fantasy Collision & Customs. They made this beast look mighty! Even though it doesn`t look like much, lowering the suspension of your car greatly changes the way it looks! This was very evident after this white two door Dodge Charger was lowered. All in all, we think that Fantasy Collision & Customs did a splendid job. It is up to you to watch the video and let us know what you think about this Charger.

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