Mega Race: Street Outlaws vs. Fast N’ Loud! Is Aaron Kaufman One Of The Racers?

It is the final countdown as fans all over the world are waiting for that Mega Race on Discovery tonight! The clash of the titans some might call it as it sure gives such taste. Tonight, we see two amazing garages competing against each other! We have The Street Outlaws on one hand, and Fast N` Loud on the other hand! Of course, The Outlaws are led by Big Chief, head of Midwest Street Cars. These guys might be a little bit in the asset as they are real street racers! Gas Monkey Garage guys, however, spend most of the time building cars and then sell it for profit.

In the other corner now, the Fast N` Loud guys thought of contracting Aaron Kaufman to be their racer. As he is the leading mechanic, he is also the leading Gas Monkey Garage racer. Maybe their knowledge of building cars can make up for Chief`s knowledge of street racing. Big Chief was not very modest either, he literary said that they should win these guys who put too many jingles and screaming in their show!

As the Street Outlaws and thinking of a racer to drive for them, Aaron Kaufman popped into their mind. However, he will be competing against The Outlaws` AZN and Farmtruck at a skill contest! Do the shopping while you can, sit comfy and wait for the Mega Race!

Moreover, read what Aaron Kaufman has to say about his life after Fast N` Loud.