Big Chief Crowmod Is BACK In Yet Another Awesome Drag Race VS UNUSUAL Opponent Called “The Swamp Thing”!

Drag Racing is our game and we believe it`s yours too. And look no further because we have yet another awesome and exciting drag race video! The type of drag racing video that offers excitement and unusual contraptions made by mad scientists! One of the cars that you are about to see drag racing is pretty well known in the drag racing world! A real executioner on the drag track! And without further ado in this video you`ll see the Big Chief Crowmod racing a Chevy wagon called The Swamp Thing!

Nearly a year ago as most of you drag racing enthusiasts know the Big Chief managed to crash his Crowmod. While racing for Season 7 of Street Outlaws, Big Chief totaled the Crow after clashing with the Mustang driven by Brian Davis! And the news proved disastrous for Big Chief Crowmod fans. But the Big Chief made a comeback just like a Phoenix rising from its ashes! This is when the brand new Crowmod was announced! And we can see its awesome performance right here in this awesome drag racing video!

This new Crowmod is fitted with a beasty 482 cubic inch Pontiac Big Block! The engine also consists of GPS rods, Edelbrock RPM Performer cylinder heads, Crower crank and Ross pistons! It also has twin turbos with nitrous just in case! The new Crowmod weighs only 2200lbs which makes it 1000lbs lighter than its predecessor!

The opponent of the Big Chief Crowmod is also an equally interesting drag racing contraption. It is called The Swamp Thing! This gruesome vehicle is a big block Chevy II wagon with nitrous! And the paint job really makes it scary! Unfortunately, beside this, we don`t have any more info about this swampy racer.

At the very start of this drag race we can see The Swap Thing actually putting up a fight! However, down the line, the Big Chief Crowmod prevailed and clinched the victory! Nevertheless, the Swamp Thing proved to be a pretty decent opponent!

Finally, follow this link to visit the Street Outlaws` official website!