Breath Taking Takeoff! This Jet Boat Engine Is A 950 Horsepower Big Block Chevy & It’s Pretty Loud!!!

Everything that has huge horsepower we got to publish. Because, something about horsepower is always stealing our attention. And, the feeling when huge horsepower is flowing through your veins makes everything somehow perfect in life. In this video we have exactly that! A very special vile jet boat with a particularly powerful jet boat engine!

In this video, the horsepower we will talk about is in a very powerful floating form. It is a jet boat sporting and described by the uploader it has a very powerful 950 horsepower big block Chevy engine! This is truly a powerful jet boat engine indeed!

At first, we can see this powerful blue jet boat preparing calmly with a purring sound. As it gets deeper and deeper into the lake we can hear the jet boat engine slowly starting to get angry. As the jet boat driver revs the engine, the jet boat prepares to enter in a frenzy. A loud frightening frenzy! And then suddenly a very exciting takeoff takes place! The jet boat makes a start like a torpedo jumping on the waves!

The madness of a sound that this jet boat engine produces will call upon every adrenaline horsepower junkie to try one of these things! If you are a horsepower junkie, no way you can be immune on this immense horsepower that has taken a floating form!

It`s a fact that this jet boat engine is extremely powerful. However, does it really have 950 horsepower? We really can`t be that sure. Because 950HP can sure sound like some over the top statement. We are just passing along what it says in the description of this video. Nevertheless, as you can see with your own eyes, it performs a take off like a torpedo! So, it is very powerful indeed.

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