HOT ROD ALERT! This 1930 Hudson Hornet Is Powered By Two 468 CHEVY BIG BLOCK Engines! Don’t Miss It!

We admire handymen who know how to build something from scratch and make it look like it is out of this world. And when we find a video that features one such creation, we immediately want to share it with you. The video you are about to watch includes one amazing vehicle with an 8 decade old body. It is a word of the 1930 Hudson that has been turned into a mighty hot rod – the Hudson Hornet! It is definitely one of the best hot rods we have seen lately and it has quite a history behind.

Namely, when the owner got a hand on this 1930 Hudson he noticed that the body has many bullet holes! He suspects that they might have been riddled during a getaway or a crossfire. Nevertheless, he decided to give this 85 year old “tin” a second chance. The result is more than obvious – a stunning hot rod!

Now, let`s take a look at the machine powering this vehicle. And while you read this, you might want to reach the volume control panel as well, because it is LOUD. Anyway, this hot rod is set in motion by TWO 468 Chevrolet Big Block engines that have Holley Hydraulic camshafts and are able to produce more than 1600 horsepower! Next, it has 454 steel heads, two 600 CFS carburetors, two 671 GMC blowers, dual 400 turbo tranny with shift kits, two electric water pumps by Meziere and two more manual water pumps. But this isn`t all.

The 1930 Hudson Hornet is also equipped with 4 MSD distributors, two master cylinders, two 9-inch rear ends by Ford with Detroit lockers, timing chains power steering unit by Sweet Manufacturing and a T-Bird rack! WOW! And this is only the performance section! When it comes to the exterior, there are also some unique parts worth noticing! For instance, the front fenders that come from a `27 Model T and the taillights from 1959 Cadillac! Plus the dashboard gauges come from a 1959 Chevy Impala! Impressive hot rod!

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