Homemade 1953 Ford Anglia/Saab Turbo Drift Rod!

They say you can tell a lot about a person`s character based on their car. If you consider this to be true, then you will absolutely love this guy. We give you the 1953 Ford Anglia/Saab Turbo drift rod from England, a rat rod nicknamed Urchfab, which looks absolutely spectacular on the track.

This guy wanted to build a rat rod from scratch purely for his own pleasure. It took him some time and effort, constructing the vehicle for eight months without taking a break. The final product looks truly amazing, with the only downside being that it has too much grip, so drifting with it is a major challenge. Because of that, this car enthusiast had an accident and it was above all a mental effort to put it back together.

Once again he had to work hard on this 1953 Ford Anglia/Saab Turbo drift rod, managing to loosen it up a bit so that he could avoid a similar accident in the future. This guy`s goal is to get his vehicle to be a proper rat rod, drifting without any obstacles. We believe that he is on the right way to achieve that, having gone this far starting from scratch.

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