GSXR 1000 Under The Hood Of A VW BEETLE HOT ROD!

The garage is a little piece of Heaven on Earth for Gearheads. That is the place where man`s best friend (besides the dog) is created or kept. And you never know what`s “cooking” in somebody`s garage. The garage is also the place where the petrolheads express their creativity. This video below shows the imagination of people of that kind. It is about one ferocious VW Beetle hot rod!

However, this car is not like any other rat rod in terms of the engine, because it is not powered by a car engine. Instead, the creators of this vehicle have implemented a GSXR 1000 engine in the VW Beetle Hot Rod! It does sound a little odd when you hear it first, but later when you see this automobile in action you forget everything that might seem odd to you! In addition, let`s take a look at the other custom parts used for building this vehicle. The chassis is custom made from tubes, and also the creators have used chopped VW Bug skins! Moreover, they have implemented custom tank as well as sidekick rear axle. The front axle is custom 2WD Cherokee. Enough said, now prepare to be amazed!

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