Big Chief First Ever Pass! The Street Outlaws Star Takes His New Crowmod For Drag Radials! MUST SEE!

If you are a fan of racing, then you have probably heard of Justin “Big Chief“ Shearer from Street Outlaws. He is the go-to guy for street racing in Oklahoma City! And today we present you with this video, where Big Chief first ever pass was made in his new Crowmod! To get you all up to date, Big Chief became famous for his use of his famous 1969 Pontiac LeMans he affectionately called “The Crow“.

This was the first car Big Chief ever owned, and it was the car that gave him a taste of street racing! Unfortunately, in November of 2015, while filming his popular Discovery Network show “Street Outlaws”, he totaled it! Big Chief barely survived the crash, bruising both of his lungs, breaking his collarbone and his L2 and L3 vertebrae!

But with all of that now being behind him, he is now back on the streets, and with a new ride! His new ride is a Pontiac Firebird, a pro mod car reincarnated as the Crow 2.0! Big Chief called this new ride of his the Crowmod, as homage for his old Crow and the fact that this Pontiac is a pro mod car. If you are wondering what a pro mod car is, they are full bodied vehicles that are loosely based on their original production models.

They are often equipped with supercharged or turbocharged and sometimes even nitrous oxide equipped engines that enables them to reach speeds of up to 250 mph in just 5 seconds! Big Chief used the same transmission and engine the original Crow had, which survived the crash, giving his new Crowmod the spirit of his old Crow! Watch Big Chief first ever pass in his new Crowmod right here in this video and enjoy!

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