Street Outlaws KAMIKAZE BUSTED After Testing His EL CAMINO!

The streets of Texas are very familiar with all the street racing, drag races and tests that are done over the night! KAMIKAZE here, did a fantastic test run with his El Camino which you might have already seen on TV, especially on the Discovery Chanel`s Street Outlaws! The 1320 Video team got very close to them and filmed every little bit that happened out there! While the whole crowd was excited to see the Street Outlaws KAMIKAZE El Camino do impressive results, wheelies and spark flames, they were probably too loud! Next thing you know, the COPS came!

We have to be honest and say that they really acted professionally as the guys ended up with a verbal warning – all you Gearheads out there know that verbal warnings are the best! However, the Police appearance is a well enough proof that the BIG BLOCK NITROUS CHEVY is a real flamethrower as it even managed to wake up the neighbors in the middle of the night! This video gives you chills just by watching it so do not miss the chance! Enjoy it and do not try this, you might end up with a little bit more than Street Outlaws KAMIKAZE!

By the way, did you know that Ford is now testing driverless cars on the streets?! Follow this link to read more about this!