OUTLAWS AWESOME BURNOUTS In honor Of Departed Friend!

Is there a better way to pay a respect and honor to a fallen comrade, a member of a certain Gearhead community, than to make a spectacular show with an impressive set of smoky burnouts? I do not think so! And in the case of the fallen Gearhead brother Tyler “Flip” Priddy, who used to be a close friend of the local race community, his comrades gave him pretty awesome burnouts show.

As you will see it in the following video that we have prepared for you today, there is a wide range of muscle cars, dragsters, impressive pickup trucks, and other custom made specimens, that are participating in this commemorative burnout spectacle. We do not know who exactly is behind the wheel of these great cars, trucks and dragsters, but we can tell you that they are all doing a good job!

So, check out the awesome burnouts video below, and enjoy the following eight minutes of burnouts and accelerations of a number of highly customized beasts! And if that is not enough and you want to see another cool video, with a monster smoky burnouts by a Blown Chevy Chevelle, click here.