Edd China Discusses His Thoughts On Leaving Wheeler Dealers!

The last couple of years have been a tough ride for everyone who is a fan of Wheeler Dealers, but aren`t all we? Well, as you know it came in as a shock when Edd China announced that he will be leaving the show after so many successful years. Want to know how many exactly? It had been 13 years of hard work and dedication for Edd and Mike. This duo slowly became one of the most successful car restoration shows on the planet. There are millions and millions of fans worldwide. However, it has not been always that successful. It was first aired on a local TV channel and it immediately grabbed the attention of many. This was mostly due to the skillful hand of Edd China. He is capable of turning an old junk car into something spectacular. But things took an unexpected turned lately.

edd china leaving wheeler dealers 1

There was something that had been bothering Edd for a long time. He was always the one that had a minor role in the show and no matter how successful it was, he wanted a change. Edd China knew that this was going to be a tough decision but he just had to do it. Fortunately, Wheeler Dealers will not stop filming new episodes and Edd will be having a replacement. Namely, as he found out, Ant Antstead will be taking his spot in the show. Edd says that every change that occurs is difficult but we should all give our support to Ant. This is something that will help the show to become more successful in the future, no matter how crazy this might sound. As for Edd, he will be working on other projects on his own. Cars are something that is in his DNA.

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