Old Car Restoration! Recover A Dashboard With New Vinyl & Leather!

TheCousinDan shows us a very handy skill that will most definitely come useful when it comes to old car restoration.

Easy Old Car Restoration 2

More specifically, this skill can help you a lot when it comes to recovering a dashboard. He demonstrates this skill on his 944 where its dashboard has cracks everywhere. Most probably these cracks are the product of the dashboard being exposed to heat all over the years. If you have a car that is older than 20 years, most probably you have the same problem as TheCousinDan here. So what this guy did is he went and bought some fine vinyl material. This vinyl material is a crosshatch fabric and it mimics leather perfectly. When you heat this material, you can stretch it and pull it without problems.

TheCousinDan demonstrates this old car restoration technique step-by-step which makes it a pretty nice tutorial. He recovers the dashboard by first removing the worn out material that has been there originally. Then, he cuts and fits the fine new vinyl. The result by performing this trick is truly amazing and very efficient. You`ll be amazed at how easily you can restore your dashboard in a short amount of time. However, we found one flaw in this tutorial. He doesn`t show the part where he attaches the vinyl along the windshield. We also think that this part is the most difficult. Nevertheless, you should not do this in the sun because the vinyl will heat your glue making it dry too quickly. Watch the video below and enjoy!

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